Protestant Disunity An Incurable Disease


Protestants in general believes that the Bible alone is the only rule of faith in which each and every doctrine must be found within the pages of Scripture. If it cannot be explicitly nor implicitly found in the Bible they will either label it as unbiblical or a product of human tradition. The main idea behind this doctrine is that since the Bible is God breathed (2 Tim.3:16) it contains no error and if people will just stick to what the Bible says then they will not be lead astray and adhere to strange new doctrines. Such a hypothesis could be true if the Bible was written like a dictionary in which there is no need for interpretation. But that is not the case, the scriptures were written in a span of more than 2000 years there are different authors, cultural background and language used. Therefore a person cannot just read the scriptures for himself and assumed that he is guided by the Holy Spirit to arrive at an interpretation in which everyone is amendable with.

Despite that claim by most Protestants that they strictly adhere to the Bible and that the Bible is their only rule of faith but they all differ in their interpretations. Take for example there are Protestants who believes that using contraception do not contradict the precepts contained in the Word of God, but there are others who believes the contrary. The Lutherans and Anglicans baptizes their infants believing that it is mandated in the Bible however Born Again Christians, Baptists and Evangelicals opposes them saying that infant baptism is unbiblical. There are also Protestants who approves of divorce, yet, others says that divorce is against the will of God. With all these Protestant denominations opposing each other in their interpretation of Bible despite of the claim that the Bible is the only rule of faith, who among them is right and infallible in their interpretation? Common sense tells us that two contradictory statements cannot be both true, who among them can we say to have a correct and accurate interpretation of Scripture?

Protestants always have a problem with authority, even if they claim that Bible is their sole authority in matters of faith and morals, yet, disunity still plague their existence. There should only be one interpretation of God’s word not many opposing interpretations. Jesus Christ said that “He who hears you, hears me” (Luke 10:16) how can we hear Christ if people have different opposing interpretation of His word? How can we hear Christ in the midst of Protestantism of what we hear from them are different and opposing interpretation of God’s word? Who among them is telling the truth when one says that you can never lose your salvation and the other says that one can lose his salvation if he deliberately disobey God’s will? Anyone who embraces Protestantism will automatically jeopardize his salvation. Truth cannot be found in confusion, and Protestantism is the precursor of confusion and disunity.

When Jesus Christ ascended to heaven he did not leave us with just a Book and interpret it according to our standards. One of the momentous event in Christ’s public ministry is when he founded the Church upon Peter (Mt.16:17-19), this Church possesses not human authority but divine authority as symbolized by the “key” handed over to Peter the first Pope. Peter has an overall authority in the Church in binding and loosing (Mt.16:17-19, Is.22:22) and this authority was extended to the other apostles (Mt.18:18). St. Paul said that the Church is the pillar and bulwark of truth (1 Tim.3:15) because it is through the preaching of the Church that we came to have faith in Christ, for faith comes by hearing (Rom.10:17, Mt.28:18-20). The Church is our surest guide that there will be no confusion in our understanding of God’s word because the Church is the only infallible interpreter of the Sacred Scriptures. If we want to know God’s word deeply we go the Church the Jesus Christ founded, the Catholic Church, not to Protestant Pastors that have opposing interpretation of God’s word.


One thought on “Protestant Disunity An Incurable Disease

  1. It is nice to see a Catholic joining in on blogs like this. It isn’t very common and I enjoy reading this perspective.

    Personally, I agree with everything you say about the Protestant movement. That is why it was necessary for God to once again open the heaven and restore His gospel to the Earth through Joseph Smith.
    He did this once with Enoch, as the gospel given to Adam had been lost over time to much of the world. He did it again with Noah, Abraham, and Moses. Christ himself restored the gospel when He came to minister on the earth in person. After 1600 years of such confusion regarding the points of the gospel, a new restoration was appropriate.


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