Who Founded Your Church?

Did you notice that every time you argue with a Protestants regarding the true Church and who founded it, they would always emphasize that the Church is not necessary for salvation and personal relationship with Jesus Christ is all we need? Protestant evangelists and/or cell group leaders (If you’re a member of G12) were taught to only speak of personal relationship and not Church history because they cannot trace the origin of the Church back into Jesus Christ or any of His Apostles that is why they have to do away the facts of history.

Unfortunately for Protestants we can name the founders of their churches and none of them are closely related to the apostles of Jesus Christ.

Lutheran Church – Founded by Martin Luther

Calvinism (Now various Baptist denominations – John Calvin

 G12 Movement – Pastor Cesar Castellanos

Victory Chapel (Philippines) – Steve and Deborah Murrell

Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) – Felix Manalo

Ang Dating Daan – Eliseo Soriano

Mormonism – Jospeh Smith

Seventh Day Adventist – Ellen G. White

Jehovah’s Witnesses – Charles Taze Russell

These are the prominent Protestant denominations in the Philippines, none of these churches can trace their history back into Jesus Christ. These churches were merely founded by mortal men in reaction to the true Church which they cannot destroy. With these facts in hand are you going to join these churches which were founded by ordinary people? Or the Catholic Church which was founded by Jesus Christ himself (Mt.16:17-19)?


4 thoughts on “Who Founded Your Church?

  1. You misunderstand the nature of the Church because your perspective is Roman Catholic. Catholic refers to the universal nature of the Church whereas Roman defines it’s centre, it’s core. The Roman Catholic cannot consider the Church outside of it’s Roman heart. Therefore you consider Protestant denominations as being central to a particular way of salvation. Therefore Luther, Calvin, Knox etc become founders of a particular church. What you fail to appreciate is that no true Protestant Church sees itself as being the sole receptacle of truth. Protestantism has always believed in the universal Church, an invisible body which incorporates all Christians of whatever denomination who subscribe to core Christian values and doctrines. What is important is not the body, the outward organisation, but the truth that is taught. Protestants are keen on Church History because this demonstrates the stream of truth has always been present. The Reformers attempted to reform, bring the Roman Catholic Church back to its roots and strip sway the centuries of tradition. They were not allowed to do this, they were excommunicated. Interesting, Pope Francis appears to teach that Luther was right.


    • My understanding of the nature of the Church is biblically accurate.

      1. Jesus Christ personally and historically founded a Church not “churches”, henceforth there can only be one true historical Church.

      2. The Church cannot be invisible to the fact that Christ intend to His Church to be visible so that everyone can see that it historically exist. The Church in Acts 15 is not invisible, the Church in Corinth is not invisible, the Church in Rome is not invisible, the Church in Thessalonia is not invisible, the Church in Colossians too is not invisible. All these churches in the New Testament historically belongs to the Church that Christ himself founded in Mt. 16

      3. Protestant reformers do not have nor receive any authority from Christ to build or found their own churches.

      4. Martin Luther was excommunicated because of his heretical teachings such as sola scriptura and sola fide. Luther did not reform the Church he tried to destroy it and now there are more than a thousand protestant churches calling themselves the true church.

      4. Pope Francis do not share the view of Martin Luther and until not Luther’s excommunication was not lifted up by Pope Francis.

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      • 1: The Protestant too only believes in one true Church. This is the Body of Christ. As such the unity is organic not institutional. Various local assemblies and denominations belong to the greater body. No one group or denomination is The Church. The local assembly is merely the outward expression of the Body of Christ in a national or regional context.
        2: The Roman Catholic cannot see the Church apart from the Papacy. The Pope, not Christ has become the source of unity. This is not rooted in Scripture. Christ sent the Spirit, as His Vicar, “the Comforter”. The Papacy usurps both Christ and the Holy Ghost. There is no Biblical warrant for the Church being governed from Rome. This is an historic accident on account of the fall of the Roman Empire. The Papacy has more in common with Empire than Christ.


  2. Well said. I believe we find the necessity of the unified Church when Jesus teaches that unrepentant believers should be taken before the church, who will deal with the matter (Matt 18). Should the person refuse the instruction of the church, the person should be treated as a pagan or a tax collector (excommunicated). With so many denominations, this teaching would make no sense. If church A tries to handle someone in this fashion, the person in question would simply go to church B. There is no point to remaining in a particular church if there is not one official “church” that we are all to submit to.

    For this teaching to make sense, there would have to be One Church, that has the authority to make these judgments. I think you sum this up well by showing the historicity of the Catholic Church, as being founded by Christ. This teaching on the authority of the Church is mentioned AFTER Christ appoints Peter as its head (as you pointed out in Matt 16). Again, great job!


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