Did you notice that every time you argue with a Protestants regarding the true Church and who founded it, they would always emphasize that the Church is not necessary for salvation and personal relationship with Jesus Christ is all we need? Protestant evangelists and/or cell group leaders (If you’re a member of G12) were taught to only speak of personal relationship and not Church history because they cannot trace the origin of the Church back into Jesus Christ or any of His Apostles that is why they have to do away the facts of history.

Unfortunately for Protestants we can name the founders of their churches and none of them are closely related to the apostles of Jesus Christ.

Lutheran Church – Founded by Martin Luther

Calvinism (Now various Baptist denominations – John Calvin

 G12 Movement – Pastor Cesar Castellanos

Victory Chapel (Philippines) – Steve and Deborah Murrell

Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) – Felix Manalo

Ang Dating Daan – Eliseo Soriano

Mormonism – Jospeh Smith

Seventh Day Adventist – Ellen G. White

Jehovah’s Witnesses – Charles Taze Russell

These are the prominent Protestant denominations in the Philippines, none of these churches can trace their history back into Jesus Christ. These churches were merely founded by mortal men in reaction to the true Church which they cannot destroy. With these facts in hand are you going to join these churches which were founded by ordinary people? Or the Catholic Church which was founded by Jesus Christ himself (Mt.16:17-19)?