Millions Executed During The Inquisition?

One of the few stones hurled by Protestants to Catholics is the issue about the inquisition.the main Protestant accusation is that millions of innocent people died from the hands of blood thirsty inquisitors, but in fact their assertion is far from the truth.

For a period of almost 200 years (1540-1700) only 1303 people were executed out of 87,000 people who were investigated for heresy. These people who were killed was not even executed by the Catholic Church, but by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle of Spain.

The facts of history will always absolve the Catholic Church from false accusations of the enemies of the faith. 

The Protestant system of belief is grounded on the principle;

A lie which is often repeated will become truth to the ignorant.

In order to gain converts, Protestants will confuse unsuspecting Catholics with  statements that will put the Catholic Church in bad light. Protestants are well verse in twisting the facts about the inquisition in order to give credence to what they wrongly believe about the Catholic Church.

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