The Church In Mumbers – How Much Help Does The Church Gives To The Poorest Of The Poor?

People are often question what the Church does to address the problem of poverty. Unlike private and government entities the Catholic Church do not advertise its charitable works, it works behind a veil of secrecy. But for the sake of refuting critics who are bearing false witness against our beloved Church, here are some of the partial list of charitable works that they Church is supporting.

Primary schools: 36,613

Secondary schools: 12,060

Hospitals: 1,298

Dispensaries: 5,256

Leprosy centers: 229

Homes for the elderly: 632

Orphanages: 1,398

Marriage counseling centers: 1,728

Primary schools: 16,097
Secondary schools: 10,450

Hospitals: 1,137

Dispensaries: 3,760

Leprosy centers: 322

Homes for the elderly: 2,520

Orphanages: 3,980

Marriage counseling centers: 933
The Americas

Primary schools: 23,195
Secondary schools: 10,965

Hospitals: 1,493

Dispensaries: 5,137

Leprosy centers: 72

Homes for the elderly: 3,815

Orphanages: 2,418

Marriage counseling centers: 5,636

Primary schools: 15,884
Secondary schools: 9,633

Hospitals: 1,039

Dispensaries: 2,637

Leprosy centers: 21

Homes for the elderly: 8,200

Orphanages: 2,194

Marriage counseling centers: 6,173
Primary schools: 3,456
Secondary schools: 675

Hospitals: 200

Dispensaries: 532

Leprosy centers: 4

Homes for the elderly: 537

Orphanages: 134

Marriage counseling centers: 274
Despite of just depending on people’s donations the Church have done a lot to address the problem of poverty compared to other organizations.


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