Religion Not Important? St. Paul Disagrees!

One of the penultimate teachings of various Protestant sects is the belief that we do not need a religion nor be associayed to any religion in order to be saved. For them accepting as a personal saviour is enough, no need to have a religion or follow a system of belief. This belief of theirs is somehow ironic for they believe that;
1. A person must convert to them or be a member of their church in order to be saved.

2. That they are the only ones who are going to be saved and anyone outside their fold will go to hell.

The reason for this odd doctrine of Protestants is actually aimed to avoid discussions relating to the history of the Christian faith, for they know that they cannot trace their history to the time of the Apostles and of Jesus Christ.

Their belief that no religion is necessary contradicts that statement of St. Paul who himself admitted that he belongs to a particular religion. In 1 Timothy 3:16 St. Paul said,

“This is the mystery of OUR RELIGION. . .” 1 Timothy 3:16

Take note of what he said “OUR RELIGION” this is a clear admission that he belongs to and associates himself with a particular religion. If that is so, who are we going to believe the Protestants or St. Paul himself? If this great apostles belongs to a religion it simply means we too should have a religion, a religion that Jesus Christ himself personally and historically founded.


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