Walk For Life And The Biblical Foundation Of Procession

The Catholic faith have more than one way to show our deep reverence to God and respect to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints. One of these pious acts is a procession, a public display of the Catholic faith. Aside from major liturgical celebration and feast days of saint, procession is the widely used weapon of Pro-Lifers to oppose the culture of death. Procession has deep biblical roots and was used by the people of God in the Old Testament to invoke protection and extraordinary help of God in hopeless situations. The People of the Old Covenant make use of profession whenever they are face with a great adversary. In like manner as the new people of God in the New Covenant in Christ we can make use of procession to fight the forces of evil being manifested in profane ideologies that are being legalized around the world such as abortion, divorce, same-sex marriage, euthanasia and other forms that assails the dignity of human life. We cannot fight the forces of evil on our own strength, God wants us to use pious practices that he gave us in order to defeat evil and prepare for the triumph of good. The Sacrament, sacramental and other forms of devotions are our weapons against the devil. The great Jesuit Theologian Fr. John Hardon explained the purpose of a procession; Continue reading


A Response To Pro-Abortion Argument

Abortion is one of the biggest debate in our generation, while there are people who support and promote it, there are also people who made it as their life’s mission to defend the life and dignity of the unborn. While reading the book Persuasive Pro Life: How To Talk About Our Culture’s Toughest Issue by Trent Horn, an argument made by Pro-abortion people caught my attention, they argued that there are instances where an unborn must be aborted in order for him not be abused by his irresponsible parents. In their sheer desperation to promote and defend abortion they have come up with arguments that cannot hold water. This only proves that their position and advocacy is unnatural and not fit for a thinking person. Years of abortion debate, Pro-choice advocates are not able to advance a position that is worthy of being considered. Their arguments are merely based on wit and appeal to emotion, no logical and consistent argument was ever used to defend their position. Continue reading

Abortion In The Words Of Former Abortionists

Former Abortionists Speak Out

Below are revealing statements made by former abortion industry personnel. These are direct quotes from men and women who worked in abortion facilities. These former abortion providers are now pro-life. They regret their involvement with abortion so much that now they are speaking publicly to warn people about what goes on before, during and after abortions. Their statements were made at a videotaped conference called, “Meet the Abortion Providers.”

1) Former abortionist, Anthony Levatino, M.D., says, “I want the general public to know that the doctors know that this is a person, this is a baby. That this is not some kind of blob of tissue . . .”

2) Former abortion counselor, Nita Whitten, says, “It’s a lie when they tell you they’re doing it to help women, because they’re not. They’re doing it for the money.”

3) Former abortion counselor, Debra Henry, says, “We were told to find the woman’s weakness and work on it. The women were never given any alternatives. They were told how much trouble it was to have a baby.” Continue reading

What It Means To Be Prolife

“Pro” is  a Latin word meaning FOR. Anyone who is “Pro” means that they are in favor of the proposition that is presented to them. For instance a person is labelled as “Pro-Life” for being in favor for the preservation and development of life. Similarly, we have the liberal “Pro-choice” which means that they advocate the idea that a person must decide to choose for himself regardless of its consequences or effect on other people. People who are against abortion are called “Pro-Life” while people who are in favor of deliberately murdering innocent unborn human beings are called “Pro-Choice”.

The term “Pro-life” is adapted by numerous organizations, particularly Catholic groups who remained loyal and faithful to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Henceforth, it is necessary for every person who calls themselves “Pro-Life” must know what being “Pro-Life” really means.

Being Pro-Life means that you will not support nor justify the following actions that are contrary to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church:

  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Murder
  • In Vitro Fertilization
  • Contraception
  • Extra Judicial Killings
  • Same-Sex Marriage

Secularist will always justify these moral errors by appealing to “The end justifies the means” argument. However, such form of reasoning is flawed, since the nature of an act will determine its morality not its outcome. Take abortion, for example, abortion is a deliberate killing of an unborn person, what could be a justification for killing an innocent, helpless and voiceless person? No matter how far they will go to justify it an innocent person still ended up getting killed.

Aside from the preservation of life, Pro-Lifers also defend the traditional family for we believe that the family is the basic unit of the society. If we do not defend the traditional family and allow the promotion and legalization of same-sex marriage and other gender theory ideas our society will slowly be desensitized from the true meaning and purpose of gender.

We cannot afford to be a cafeteria Pro-lifer, where one choose only what he will defend and reject and supports what he wants to support. It’s either you reject all the social evil or not be a Pro-lifer at all.