Bible Versus Protestantism: What The Bible Really Says

Protestantism has a habit of reading the Bible out of its context and giving it a whole new interpretation that will fit their personal and opinionated belief. Here are some examples of opinionated doctrines of Protestantism that the Bible never mentions or teaches.

bible facts

Given the examples above we see how Protestant teachings go against what the Bible actually says; it is a total opposite, a contradiction. Protestant belief system is based on opinions and popular belief made by their pastors. There are no actual biblical proof to what they believe in, they relied more on what their pastor teaches and what their pastors wants them to believe. They give more credence to their pastor’s personal interpretation of Scriptures than what the Bible literally teaches.


When Protestants Jab At Biblical View Of Salvation

33830122_2473553972670593_6736656959690244096_nAn internet meme made by the Protestant page “Kinabuhing Kristohanon” is on its way into becoming a viral post in different Facebook pages. In the meme it down plays the importance of good works and religion in our salvation. The meme started with a hypothetical situation wherein a person is at the gates of heaven, and the heavenly police officer who happens to guard the gate asks for the person’s identification card. The person showed him two identification cards which says “Good works ID” and “Religion ID”, then the guard told him that the IDs that he presented are not valid. 

This meme gives the impression that we do not need good works and religion in order to be saved. To follow the beliefs of Protestantism they would proceed by saying that all you need in order to be saved is faith alone by accepting Christ as your Lord and Personal savior. Akin to all Protestant posts they made no effort to biblically justify the message that they want to get across using the meme that they keep on sharing. They would tell us that we do not need good works and religion in order to be saved, yet, they did not quote any passage from the Bible even one single verse which says that we do not need good works and religion in our salvation. They would just assume that will accept this message without checking at what the Bible really says.  This is where Protestants got it wrong, Catholics nowadays no longer just believe what they say we measure it up with the word of God whether they are telling the truth or spreading a lie.  Continue reading

Exposing The Truth Behind The Born Again “Cell Group”

We often hear members of the Born again movement talk about their cell group or have mentioned that they belong in a cell group. But what exactly is a cell group and why are they so enthusiastic in talking and sharing about it? They even come to a point that they will invite their friends and co-workers to join their cell group. The idea of creating a cell group within a Born again church is a new innovation it started with the G12 movement popularized by Pastor Cesar Castellanos, it is more of a discipleship strategy wherein each cell group is composed of 12 members and the eldest and the most senior member of the church is usually appointed by the pastor as the cell group leader. Born again pastors argued that the cell group is patterned from the apostles, wherein Christ called people to become his apostles and mandated them to make disciples in all nations. The superficial understanding of the Bible by Born again pastors lead them to create a cult like movement within their church. There are 12 apostles because it represents the 12 tribes of Israel, it is a message of universality [Catholicity]. Jesus Christ never instructed his apostles and other disciples to create a cell group. Continue reading

Born Again Pastors Lied About: Religion Versus Personal Relationship To Jesus Christ

Religion-vs-RelationshipBorn again Christians always make it a point that we do not need religion in order to be saved. In their point of view salvation is about accepting Christ as your Lord and Personal saviour and having an intimate personal relationship with him. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is all what a believer needs for salvation, good works, religious rituals, church and other things are only distractions towards having a relationship with God. This belief system is evident by what Born again pastors teach such as; Continue reading

Exposing The Protestant Doctrine Of Salvation By Faith Alone

lutherYou have probably heard your pastor teach you repeatedly that you are saved by faith alone by asking Jesus into your heart or accepting him as you Lord and Personal Savior. In support of this view of salvation he would quote passages from the Bible such as Eph.2:8-9 which says;

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast.”

 Basing on this passage your pastor will tell you two things,

1. That salvation is a grace from God and you will receive it through faith alone, and

2. That good works has nothing to do with your salvation or good works is not important.

Most Protestants will accept the explanation of the pastor at face value, not questioning or doubting what the pastor is telling them to believe. They would just assume that the pastor’s view of salvation is biblical, after all they adhered to bible alone doctrine. At first glance this passage would appear to support the Protestant doctrine of salvation by faith alone, but upon close scrutiny of this passage the truth says otherwise. Let us analyze what your pastor has taught you about salvation. Continue reading